Why Estate Agencies Are Utilising Drones in their marketing campaigns.

Why Estate Agencies Are Utilising Drones in their marketing campaigns.

Drones are able to provide a unique, birds-eye view of property that simply cannot be achieved through any other method. Drone photography can capture visuals from angles and positions which were not possible before. This can greatly showcase the property in question, allowing potential buyers to view the house or building in greater detail and from multiple perspectives.

The use of drones also has a great impact on marketing campaigns as it makes them much more visually appealing and attractive. The combination of aerial footage, ground images and video all make for an exciting viewing experience, which can help to increase interest in a property. This is especially important when marketing high-end properties, as the use of drones will likely generate more interest from potential buyers.

In addition to this, drone photography also offers estate agents an opportunity to save time and money by eliminating the need for expensive studio shoots or hiring expensive photographers.

Interior Drone Photography & Video

There are various ways in which drones can help sell a property, the use of FPV Drones (First Person Drones) allowing the drone operator to perform a “fly-through” of the property is a particularly eye-catching example. This enables estate agents to provide potential buyers with a personalised tour of the property from the comfort of their own homes. Fly-through drone videos are becoming more and more common on estate agency websites and listings on Right Move, Zoopla and other websites.

Another way to showcase the interior of a property is to utilise 3D photos, modern drones are able to create full 360 degree and 180 degree “panorama” style photographs, when uploaded to real estate websites or google maps they allow potential buyers to view an interactive 3D tour of the property from all angles. This can be extremely beneficial for those looking to purchase a property without having to visit it in person.

Using the right drone for interior drone photography is essential, they need to be lightweight and ideally use “prop guards”, propeller guards are recommended as they help to prevent any damage being caused to the interior of the property. It is also worth considering a drone with a low-noise design, as this will ensure that noise levels inside the property are kept to a minimum.

Exterior Drone Photography & Video

The most common way drones are used in estate agency marketing is with exterior drone videography and photographs, they are able to provide potential buyers with a much clearer view of the property, its surroundings and its environment.

Using drones for exterior estate agency photography not only enables estate agents to showcase the main house or building but also any other aspects such as landscaped gardens, grounds and any outbuildings that may be present.

The use of drones for exterior photography also has the added benefit of being able to capture images from heights and angles which are not achievable through more standard methods. This can be particularly beneficial when selling large properties with multiple levels or buildings, as it allows potential buyers to appreciate the full scale and size of the property without having to visit in person.

When choosing a drone for exterior photography it’s important to consider factors such as the camera quality, battery life and flight time. All of these factors need to be taken into account when selecting the drone that best suits your needs. For particularly windy conditions, a heavier drone may be a better option, these heavier devices tend to resist high wind speeds better than the sub 250g drones. However, the heavier the drone, the more red tape surrounds them with the requirements for licences and insurance.

An absolute must-have when using a drone for external property photography is “hazard avoidance”. Most modern drones come equipped with sensors and software which can be used to detect obstacles and avoid collisions. This feature is essential when using a drone to capture images of the exterior of a property to prevent accidental damage or injury.

Exterior Drone Photography & Video

In conclusion, drones can be a highly effective tool for estate agents who are looking to increase their sales potential. Property photography no longer needs to be limited by physical restraints; flying cameras on drones offer an exciting new way in which estate agents can showcase their properties and capture potential buyers’ attention. As technology continues to advance, the applications of drones in property photography are set to increase even further.

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Real estate and property marketing has always been a cut-throat industry, those estate agents who find a way to stand out from their competitors and have that edge over their competitors have the best chance of making sales. This is why many estate agents have begun to employ the use of drones and aerial photography in their marketing campaigns.

Aerial Photography of a domestic house