Estate Agency Drone Photography

Stratos Drones offer high-quality aerial property photography and video services using drones for residential real estate agents. This type of photography offers an exciting perspective to showcase properties from a bird’s eye view. Our services provide breath taking shots that will help potential buyers stand out from traditional real estate photos.

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Aerial Photography of a domestic house

Aerial Property Photography

Our experienced and certified pilots can capture the perfect angle, height, and lighting of your property in both photos and videos for marketing purposes. We use high-quality drones with 4K cameras equipped with gimbals to ensure smooth and stable footage. In addition, our aerial property photography provides close-up shots of architectural details or unique landscaping features without having to physically enter the premises.

Aerial Property Photography is an ideal way for real estate agents to market their listings, as it will allow them to display homes’ best features from different angles. Our photography and video services come with a quick turnaround, so our clients can have their photos ready for listing in no time.

Estate Agency Drone Photography

We use drones to capture aerial property photographs and footage that gives your property portfolio a unique perspective on websites such as Zoopla, Rightmove, and Prime Location. This elevated “birds-eye” view is sure to make your listings stand out from the rest.

Using drone aerial photography can make your residential property more marketable. Even if your house or apartment looks ordinary from the ground, aerial shots can give it new life.

Google’s aerial maps and Google Earth’s aerial views might not show an up-to-date image of a location. However, our aerial photography captures current and accurate layouts, taken from a range of ground level to 400ft.

Aerial property photography for estate agents has become affordable with the use of drone quadcopters. Customers are requesting “aerial photos of my house” in order to enhance the sale of their properties and are willing to pay.

Combining high-quality interior and exterior images with aerial photography can be very effective in boosting sales. This is especially true for luxury residential properties that have a high value. Sales videos are also gaining popularity in this market.

Our Drone Photographic Services, utilise our own editors who use professional editing software such as Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Pro & Adobe Lightroom. Our editing services include graphics, colour correction, and colour grading, which can be customised according to your needs.

We can customise our aerial images and video footage to match your corporate image or design and add a soundtrack, music, and sound effects for a film-ready output. Our services also include guiding you on how to install and run these videos or images on your website.

Are you a real estate agent looking to take your property listings to the next level? Look no further than Stratos Drones! Our team of experienced and certified pilots use high-quality drones to capture stunning aerial photography and video footage of your properties. With quick turnaround times and customisable editing services, our aerial property images and videos are sure to make your listings stand out on popular property websites. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance the marketing of your properties. Contact Stratos Drones today!