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MArketing Video for 24/7 Concrete & Aggregates

Are You Looking For A Professional Drone COmpany?

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Drone Roof Survey & Inspections

Our drones are an affordable and speedy way to detect issues with a roof area. This beats traditional methods like using scaffolding or renting cherry pickers, which can be more expensive. We can deliver a detailed report, complete with images and videos to document any issues.

Drone Marketing Videos & Photos

Drones have revolutionised the way companies approach marketing campaigns, giving them the ability to capture stunning aerial footage and photographs that was once only possible with expensive equipment and helicopters. Now, with the advancement of drone technology, it’s easier and more cost-effective than ever to create high-quality marketing materials that can showcase your brand and products in a truly unique and dynamic way.


Drone Photography

Here at Stratos Drones, we offer a range of professional drone photography services. Our team can capture aerial images of anything from large commercial projects to private outdoor functions. We provide stunning 4K quality photos and videos, which are perfect for showcasing your project or event.

Drone Videography

Stratos Drones utilise the latest in micro drone technology to shoot high-resolution, 4K drone videos for our clients, perfect for promotional events, real estate marketing and more. Our experienced pilots employ cutting-edge techniques to capture beautiful aerial footage from any angle.

Are You Looking For A Professional Drone COmpany?

Stratos Drones provides stunning drone photography and drone videography services to clients throughout the East Midlands, and beyond. We work with you to capture the perfect aerial photos or video of your location, event or property for promotional videos, real estate marketing, commercial photography, drone roof inspection services and more…

TEL: 0115 882 0617

Estate Agency Drone Photography

Aerial Photography of domestic house

Stratos Drones offer high-quality aerial property photography and video services using drones for residential real estate agents. This type of photography offers an exciting perspective to showcase properties from a bird’s eye view. Our services provide breath taking shots that will help potential buyers stand out from traditional real estate photos. 

Drone Wedding Shoots

Aerial Photography of A Wedding

We work alongside traditional wedding photographers and videographers to add something extra to couples on their big day! Footage shot in 4k video, high resolution photographs can also be provided from unique angles of your wedding day! 

Aerial documentary Videos

Aerial Documentary Videos
Stratos Drones can work with you to document your projects, produce engaging explainer videos, and create memorable promotional materials. Our expertly-crafted aerial videos ensure that your stories reach their full potential in the digital realm. From corporate projects to personal events, we make sure that your message is told through stunning visuals with crisp audio.

Are You A UAV Pilot Looking For Work?

UAV Pilot

Stratos Drones are always on the looking for talented UAV pilots to work with, we often have requirements for additional pilots or take enquiries from areas of the UK which we don’t cover, in this case we would be happy to work alongside other professional, insured and certified UAV pilots (minimum A2CofC certified). If this is you, please drop us a message.

Our Core Services


Yes, we are fully insured for commercial work via Coverdrone.

All of our pilots hold the A2CofC (A2 Certificate of Competency), as well as their own unique Flyer ID number, registered with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

We are always looking for remote pilots to work with, however they must have their own commercial insurance and hold a valid Flyer ID and A2CofC certification (as a minimum). If you are a remote pilot and would like to be added to our “books” please contact us.

Yes, we are members of FPVUK – For further information please visit
Stratos Drones (Trading as Evolution Media Marketing Ltd) has the following CAA operator ID. GBR-OP-QCPKZTH3JJR
Currently we mainly fly sub 250kg drones, primarily the DJI Mini 3 Pro.
We are allowed to fly and operate within the “Open Category”, Sub category A2.

We provide the following documentation when working with commercial clients.

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Pre-flight Survey
  • On-site Survey
  • Flight Planning Documentation
  • Pre-location Risk Assessment
  • On-site Risk Assessment
  • Post Flight Report
We primarily operate within the East Midlands, however we do have contacts with various Drone Companies throughout the UK who we can recommend.

Stratos Drones provides the following drone services.

  • General Drone/Aerial Photography & Videography
  • Photo & Video Editing
  • Roof Surveying & Inspections
  • Marketing Video Production
  • Wedding Shoots
  • Estate Agency Shoots
  • Aerial Documentary Footage

NFZ’s require special permission to fly, we can apply for permission from the relevant Air Traffic Control in order to fly and “unlock” these FRZ’s. 5-7 working days notice is required in this instance.

Stratos Drones carries the following items of safety equipment on every commercial flight we undertake.

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Blanket
  • Take Off and Landing Pad
  • High Vis Vests
  • First Aid Kits
  • LiPo Battery Bags
  • Wind Speed Measuring Device (Anemometre)

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