Stratos Drones took time out of our work schedule to shoot a local Derbyshire landmark, situated in the village of Dale Abbey, we flew over the ruins of Dale Abbey (where the village takes its name).

Dale Abbey is a ruin located in the village of Dale Abbey, Derbyshire, England. It was once a Premonstratensian abbey, dissolved during the reign of Henry VIII in 1538. The site has been designated as an ancient monument since 1924.

Dale Abbey was founded in 1147 by Robert de Gresley, who gave the site of the abbey and its revenues to a small group of Premonstratensian canons from Newhouse Abbey. The abbey moved to a more secluded location two miles away, near Dale village and Ilkeston. It was here that the canons built their abbey buildings, with a large church as its centrepiece and also a great range of other buildings for monastic and domestic purposes.

The abbey became prosperous, owning lands in many parishes throughout Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Leicestershire. After the dissolution of Dale Abbey, most of its buildings were left abandoned and fell into ruin.

Aerial Footage of Dale Abbey, Derbyshire.​

In order to fully appreciate the ruins of Dale Abbey, you have to see it from above, a totally different perspective on this local landmark. Take a look at our video, aerial footage of Dale Abbey.


Nearby Hermits Cave And Dale Wood.

The village of Dale Abbey is known for its hermit’s cave, but few are aware of the 12th-century story about a highwayman who converted to Christianity during a visit. According to legend, the bandit Uthliglas and his gang camped near the hermitage and one night Uthliglas had a vision of a golden cross appearing in the sky.

He informed the other robbers that the area surrounding the cave was considered sacred and could potentially lead to spiritual transformation.

After they laughed and left, Uthliglas managed to locate the hermit and became a reformed character.

Hauntings in Hermits Wood

Located near Kirk Hallam Ilkeston in Derbyshire, England, Hermit’s Wood is an ancient woodland that is known to have some unusual occurrences. Visitors have reported experiencing strange phenomena such as unexplained banging noises, a sudden shift in the atmosphere that becomes oppressively overwhelming, and feeling as though they are being watched and followed by an unseen presence


Sightings of a monk or hooded figure have been reported by some visitors, usually at night. However, it is not certain whether this ghostly figure is the cause of the unsettling atmosphere in the area.

Local legend has it that the unusual events in the forest are connected to a specific location. This spot used to be the site of a hermit’s cave. According to the tale, a monk from the nearby Dale Abbey ended his life at this spot and his spirit has haunted the area ever since.